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How do hard money lenders differ from one another?

  • Loan to value ratio; the higher the ratio, the more cash the borrower receives
  • Loan amounts; the minimum and maximum amounts financed
  • Direct or indirect lending; are the funds in-house and easily accessed or will they be brokered and financed through other lenders which can delay delivery
  • Geographic region; most hard money lenders are local companies with local real estate knowledge
  • Interest rates and closing costs
  • Services provided, responsiveness, ability to close loans quickly
  • Experience and trustworthiness

At Advanced Funding Solutions we offer the highest level of service, responsiveness and support to hard money borrowers available in southern California. Our experienced and trustworthy team is here for one reason only; to deliver the funds you need fast, without hassles, headaches or run-around. It’s our mission to help real estate investors get the financing they need when they need it so they can achieve their investment goals. As a direct lender specializing in loans from $50,000 to $5 million with a LVR of up to 70% and some of the lowest interest rates in the industry, we have the ability to approve your loan and get you cash in hand in as few as 3-5 days, guaranteed.

What should investors look for when choosing a hard money lender?

A quick Google search will produce hundreds of options for hard money lenders, so how should an investor choose?

Experience – A hard money lender should have plenty of experience in both the real estate industry and the specialized niche of hard money loans. Unlike companies that service many types of loans, an experienced hard money lender will have expertise in the specifics of private money loans, the procedures and regulations that must be followed and make the process simple, straightforward and streamlined for borrowers.

At AFS, we have over 20 years of experience in the southern California real estate industry and since we service hard money loans exclusively, our expertise is unmatched. This is why we are able to make decisions and get you the funds you need so swiftly.

Licensed – Hard money lenders should be licensed with local and state real estate bureaus and associations. Additionally, lenders who originate consumer loans should be endorsed by the National Mortgage Licensing System (NMLS).

AFS is a member of the Southland Regional Association of Realtors and the California Regional Multiple Listing Service. AFS is also licensed with the California Bureau of Real Estate and is endorsed by the National Mortgage Licensing System.

Competitive Rates and Terms – It goes without saying, a hard money lender should have competitive and comparable rates and terms. Look out for lenders with higher rates or rates that seem to good to be true, these are indicators that the lender could be inexperienced and/or untrustworthy.

At AFS, we have some of the lowest rates and competitive terms in the industry. Since each loan and situation is unique, your specific rates will be determined after we receive your loan application. We are committed to honest and upfront terms and communication with all our clients. When we make a loan decision and offer, we deliver exactly what we say, on time, without hassle.

Transparency – Borrowers should be aware of bait and switch tactics employed by some hard money lenders. Very low published rates are often just a strategy to entice novice investors looking for the best deal. If it seems too good to be true, it probably is. A reputable hard money lender should be clear and upfront in all communication, quotes, loan rates and terms so borrowers understand exactly what they are getting.

Transparency every step of the way is our commitment to you at AFS. We don’t make promises that we can’t deliver. We are steadfast in obtaining the best possible deal and quick, reliable loan financing for our clients. We give you honest, trustworthy and fast financial solutions.

Speed – In the real estate investment industry, time is money. Many investors seek hard money loans because there just isn’t time to obtain a traditional bank loan. Speed of service is one of the reasons hard money loans exist, so if a lender can’t deliver the loan quick, the investor might miss the deal. Responsive communication with your lender and fast approvals and payouts are a must. If you run into delays, you may want to consider finding another lender.

At AFS we like to say that fast is our middle name. We are an experienced and dedicated team providing direct hard money loans in under a week. Everything from application to approval to financing is done in-house. This allows us the ability and authority to make quick decisions and payouts. We deliver on time, every time, often in just 3-5 days, and we promise to respond to all client communication within two hours during business days. We are here to help you get funds now so you can close your deal, get the cash you need and achieve your real estate investment goals.

What is the difference between a direct money lender and a lender who underwrites their loans?

A direct money lender, like AFS, is a lender who has the funds to make loans directly, in-house and out of pocket without a third party. Direct lenders are faster and more reliable than brokered loans that may take more time in sourcing the funds. Direct loans offer lower rates and faster closings because they eliminate the middleman.

When we approve your loan at AFS, you’ll have access to the funds almost immediately because we have your cash on hand and ready to go, usually within 3-5 days.

Why do the interest rates and fees for hard money loans differ so much?

Interest rates for hard money loans are typically much higher than bank loans due to the higher risk for the lender on the loan. Interest rates and fees for hard money loans vary from lender to lender based on location, terms and length, perceived risk of the specific loan and loan to value ratio. Interests rates are typically in the range of 10-15% for hard money loans.

At AFS we strive to provide rapid and reliable service at the best possible price. We may not always be the lowest lender, but we always deliver what we say, when we say it. If you need a loan fast, we’ve got you covered.

How do you know if a hard money lender is reputable and trustworthy?

When seeking out hard money loans, borrowers and investors should look for an experienced, responsive and engaged direct private money lender. Find a lender who is professional, has expertise in the local real estate industry and plenty of experience financing loans. Make sure your lender has proper licensing, returns calls and emails promptly and is upfront about rates and delivery times. The best way to find out about a hard money lender is to give them a call.

At AFS we invite you to call us today. We’ve been providing fast, secure, reliable private money loans to investors in southern California for over 20 years and we’d love to talk to you about how our financing solutions can work for you and your situation. We are licensed, responsive, professional and experts in direct private money lending. If you’re in need of funds, our trustworthy team is here to service your loans quickly, easily and reliably.