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Get the Cash You Need When You Need It with Apartment Building Hard Money Loans from Advanced Funding Solutions

At AFS, we make funding your commercial real estate investments simple, straightforward and fast. For over 25 years, our dedicated, experienced and responsive team has been helping southern California real estate investors get the commercial loan financing they need without the hassles and delays often found with other hard money loan companies. Advanced Funding Solutions is a direct money lender, which means we don’t underwrite our loans or have to locate your funds from other investors. Everything from application decisions to closing is done in-house, so once you’re approved you’ll have your cash in just 3 to 5 days. It’s really that simple; you need money to achieve your commercial real estate investment goals and we deliver.

Whether you need a little or a lot, we’ve got you covered. AFS has successfully closed hundreds of loans ranging from $50K to $5M, and with a loan to value ratio of 70% and some of the lowest interests rates in the industry, we are southern California’s top choice for fast, trustworthy and reliable hard money loans for apartment buildings. To find out what AFS can do for you and your next real estate investment project, check out our online loan calculator or just give us a call.

Types of Hard Money Commercial Property Loans for Apartment Buildings

Apartment buildings are commercial rental properties that contain five or more rental units. They can come in many sizes, shapes and layouts and while they require more management than smaller residential rental properties, they also offer investors the opportunity for a very healthy cash flow.

AFS finances apartment building with a loans from $50K to $5M with up to 70% loan to value ratio including:

Purchase Money Loan

A standard purchase money loan for an apartment building is a loan used to purchase a multi-unit commercial rental property. These loans are used when an investor needs financing more quickly than a bank can provide or when a bank won’t finance a particular property in its current condition.

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Refinance Loan

A refinance loan for apartment buildings is used to refinance a previous loan. It’s often used during difficult times due to events such as foreclosure or tax liens and can help investors get back on their feet.

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Cash-out Equity Loan

A cash-out equity loan for apartment buildings is used whenever an investor needs cash for any reason. Often investors will use this type of loan as a way to fund new investments and grow their real estate property portfolio.

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To learn more about how Advanced Funding Solutions can help fund your next commercial real estate investment and the financing available to you, fill out our online loan application or just give us a call. You can also find more information and answers to all your questions about private money lending at Hard Money 101. No matter what your situation happens to be or what investment goals are, AFS is here for you with the funds and strategy you need to reach your real estate dreams.