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Fast, Direct and No-nonsense Commercial Property Loans from Advanced Funding Solutions

AFS is southern California’s top rapid and reliable direct money lender specializing in commercial real estate and office building hard money loans. From application to approval, we can get you the financing you need fast, usually in just 3 to 5 days, without the delays and difficulties you find at other hard money lenders. At Advanced Funding Solutions it’s our mission to help commercial real estate investors create wealth so we make the process of obtaining funds simple, straightforward and quick. With over 25 years of California real estate experience, our trustworthy and expert team has the ability and authority to close your loan on time so you can close your commercial real estate deal.

All of our commercial loans are approved and financed in-house, so there’s no middleman and virtually no wait. With loans ranging from $50K to $5M and a 70% loan to value ratio, we’ll deliver your private money loan when you need it with some of the lowest interest rates and closing costs in the industry. At AFS we make funding your real estate projects simple, easy and fast so you can focus on achieving your investment goals. To see how we can help finance your next commercial real estate investment, give us a call or check out our online loan calculator today.

Types of Hard Money Loans for Office Buildings

Office buildings are commercial rental properties used for business purposes. The space is rented out to companies at a much higher rate than residential rental properties and they may hold a single or multiple firms. Office buildings are the most sought after properties for real estate investors because they offer the highest value of cash flow. They are also the most expensive and rental units may sit vacant for longer periods than other types of properties. That said, if you are an experienced investor with a long-term strategy and in the financial position to invest in office spaces, these properties are a solid investment and AFS can help you get there.

Options for hard money financing for office buildings include:

Purchase Money Loan

Advanced Funding Solution’s purchase money loan for office buildings is the loan you need for the new purchase of an office building. If you’ve found a space you want to buy, we can approve the loan you need to secure the property in a matter of hours.

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Refinance Loan

A refinance loan for office buildings from AFS is for investors who need a simple and fast loan to replace an existing loan on a property. Whatever your reasons for refinancing, we make it easy, straightforward and can close your refi loan the very same day.

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Cash-out Equity Loan

Our cash-out equity loan for office buildings is the best option for investors who need capitol quick. If you’re looking to finance a new investment, AFS has got you covered without the excessive time and paperwork involved with a traditional bank loan. You’ll be approved and able to access the equity in virtually any property in just a few hours.

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For more information and tools about hard money loans and the private money industry, check out our online hard money school at Hard Money 101. At AFS we have deep pockets and a deep understanding of the southern California real estate industry. If you’re thinking about investing in commercial real estate, give us a call or fill out our online loan application. Advanced Funding Solutions has the simple, strategic financing you need to fund your investments and grow your real estate portfolio.