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Fast, No-Hassle Private Money Equity Cash-out Loans from Advanced Funding Solutions

AFS is dedicated to helping residential and commercial real estate investors get the money they need to grow their investment portfolios. In the southern California real estate industry, top investors know that you have to spend money to make money and often times you have to act fast. That’s why our hard money cash-out loan is perfect for investors in need of equity funds from $50K to $5M to finance new projects or make unexpected payments and repairs. If you need cash out of a residential real estate investment property but don’t qualify for bank financing or you just don’t have the time for a traditional bank loan, AFS can get you the funds you need in under a week with less paperwork and lower rates than other lenders.

It’s our mission to provide fast, trustworthy, reliable financing without the run-around. We’re here to help you reach your investment goals with our direct money loans. Our experienced and dedicated team handles everything from loan application to approval to the delivery of your funds in-house. This means we can offer some of the lowest rates and fastest service around. Need a cash-out commercial real estate investment property loan to fund a new deal fast? It’s simple and quick with Advanced Funding Solutions. If you want to create success and grow wealth in real estate, getting a cash-out hard money loan from AFS hard money lender is simply an excellent strategy.

Find out more about how our financing can work for you and your properties with our online loan calculator or give us a call today. Advanced Funding Solutions is more than just lender, we’re your experienced, strategic and fast financing partner.