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Private Money Loans For Residential Real Estate Investors

At Advanced Funding Solutions, we offer fast, direct financial solutions to residential real estate investors in southern California who don’t have the time or credit score to secure a traditional bank loan. Whether you’ve got bad credit, bankruptcies, tax liens, want cash-out or you just need to close the deal fast, AFS will get you the money without the run-around. Our non-owner occupied residential hard money loans are available for both new and seasoned investors and can be approved with the cash in-hand in just a few hours.

AFS Hard Money is a direct lender; this means all the funds come directly from us. We underwrite, source, approve and close all of our non-resident loans ourselves in-house and unlike other impersonal corporate lenders, we are not bound by corporate rules and red tape. At AFS, our experienced, responsive team has the authority and flexibility to make quick, personalized decisions that benefit you, the borrower.

We understand that when it comes to your investment and residential real estate loan, time is money. Advanced Funding Solutions is committed to honest, upfront, rapid approvals with faster closings and less paperwork than other lenders. It’s simple; you need money now and we deliver fast.

 Types of Residential Real Estate Loans at Advanced Funding Solutions

At AFS, we fund residential non-owner occupied investment properties including:

Single Family

Single family homes are individual, stand-alone dwellings built on a single lot with no shared walls.  Single family homes are the simplest and most common type of investment property, especially for new investors because they are easy to finance, rent and sell.

Multi-unit and Multi-family

Multi-unit and multi-family homes are homes or dwellings owned by a single investor that have been divided into multiple rental units. Multi-family homes combine the ease of financing and purchase of a single family home with the cash flow of multiple rentable units. Multi-family homes are a great option for both novice and seasoned investors looking to increase revenue with minimal risk.

Condos and Townhomes

Condominiums and townhomes are individually owned units within a larger structure or community.  Often these units share one or more walls as well as hallways, elevators and outdoor spaces such as yards or decks. Most condos and townhomes have homeowners associations (HOAs) and/or share maintenance costs. Condos and townhomes often cost less than single family homes and allow investors the future prospect and ability to purchase multiple properties within a single community or building.

Fixer-upper and Flip Properties

Fixer-upper and flip residences are distressed properties that are bank-owned or selling well below market price. Investors are able to buy cheaply, make repairs and improvements that raise the property value and sell at a profit. These types of investments are usually short-term “flips” and require investors to be knowledgeable about the types and costs of home repairs. For investors ready to roll up their sleeves and do some work, these investments can provide an opportunity to get in and out quickly while making a significant profit.

Get Approved with Cash In Hand in Just 3-5 Days

No matter what your situation, financial needs or goals, give us a call. We can approve your investment loan if you have bad credit, no credit or just need funds fast and can have the money in your account as few as three days. If you’ve got a deal to make and you need cash now, AFS has your back. Get started by filling out our loan application today and get the investment funds you need and deserve.