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Quick, Convenient, Private Money Loans for Single Family Homes at Advanced Funding Solutions

At AFS, we make obtaining funds for your non-owner occupied single family home simple, straightforward and fast. We are a direct money lender, so we approve and source all of our single family hard money loans ourselves, in-house. Unlike other hard money lenders, we don’t underwrite our loans so there’s no middleman and absolutely no run-around. We have the funds on hand to deliver the cash you need, when you need it.

Whether you’re a real estate investor looking to purchase a single family investment property to rent or as a fix and flip, need cash out or to refinance your current property or if you’ve got less than perfect credit, have tax liens or just need financing fast, Advanced Funding Solutions has your back. Our dedicated, responsive and experienced team can close your loan and guarantee delivery of funds in just 3-5 days.

Types of Loans for Single Family Homes

For both new and seasoned investors, single family residences are the simplest and most common type of residential real estate investment properties. Non-owner occupied single family homes are stand-alone dwellings built on a single lot with no shared walls where the owner of the property does not occupy the unit. Usually used as rental properties, SFHs are a good entry point into real estate investing because they’re ease to finance, rent and sell.

AFS offers single family hard money loans from $50K to $5M with a 70% loan to value ratio including:

Purchase Money Loan

A standard purchase loan for a single family residence is a loan used to purchase a new home to be used as a rental or investment property.

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Refinance Loan

A refinance loan for a single family residence is a loan used to replace another loan on the property. Whether due to foreclosure, tax liens, financial hardship or other reasons, AFS can get you the funds you need fast to keep your property.

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Cash-out Equity Loan

Our cash-out loan for single family residences allows borrowers to access the equity in their property and get they cash they need now. If you need money quickly, Advanced Funding Solutions can deliver up to 70 percent loan to value on your home simply, easily and within a week.

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No matter what your situation, needs or investment goals, AFS has the residential financing you need to get you where you want to be. Check out our loan calculator to see how easy it is to get approved for our private money loans.

Whether you’re interested in single family homes or other types of residential real estate such as condos, townhomes or multi-unit properties, we can help strategize and fund your real estate investment dreams. Get started by giving us a call or filling out our online loan application today.