Hot Property: Commercial Property Types Trending in 2017

Hot Property: Commercial Property Types Trending in 2017

In real estate investing, commercial properties are the most sought-after, profitable and expensive type of investment property around. So, which types of commercial properties are investors buying in 2017? Read on:

Industrial Warehouse 

Since 2008, with the rise of e-commerce, companies have been shifting away from brick and mortar stores and towards online retailing. This trend has created a strong, steady demand for fulfillment and warehouse space making the industrial sector a reliable choice for investors that continues to this day.

 Data Centers

Data centers are spaces where companies house servers and other hardware to store their data. This growing sector of industrial commercial space is only gaining momentum, as the need for data storage (and server storage) will be ongoing. Data centers and server farms are quite possibly 2017’s hottest commercial investment property.

Senior Housing 

Age-restricted housing, such as senior housing or student housing, is a growing and solid sector in the commercial real estate space. As baby boomersincrease in age, so has the demand for senior housing options including age-restricted communities and nursing homes with different levels of onsite care.


It’s been widely reported that millennials are much less likely to own their own homes than previous generations. This fact alone makes multi-family rental units a good choice for commercial real estate investors. Add to that a rental market that has been on the rise for years (and a robust amount of new construction) and you’ve got a strong long-term investment pick.